So, What is TL;DR Chrome Extension?

It's an extension for Google Chrome browser that saves you time by displaying summaries next to headlines and titles on the web, mostly clickbait ones.

Animation of TL;DR Chrome extesion

How it Works

Click on a title

1. Click on a title

When you see a clickbait title, go against reason, hold your breath and click it. Be brave!

Summerize the article

2. Summarize the article

Click on the brown TL;DR icon in the Chrome menu and type the spoiler for the clickbait title, or just a summery of the article.

Spread and Enjoy

3. Spread and Enjoy

Now next to the title there is an icon that everybody can see and when a user hovers on it a popup with your TL;DR will appear. Of course you will also enjoy TL;DRs submitted by other user.

You don't have to summerize only clickbait articles!

You can also summerize for any kind of article in any news website or any blog, actually you can summerize any page on the web.

Install TL;DR Chrome Extension

If you are using a Chrome web browser then Join the party! Click on the button to install our extension and start using it and join a community including thousands of users...

Extension installed!

Installations failed!

Oh yeah, We also have an awesome Facebook page.

You should definitely check it out! We share posts with clickbait title and add the spoilers. Some news pages already blocked us, FUN!

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